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"We support low-impact approaches to life, and Astarte is a model of what is possible with a clear vision and caring people to guide it." 

-2022 CSA Member

Values Driven

At Astarte, all decisions are made with our three core values in mind: quality,

relationships and sustainability

Read more about each of these on our about page

Ready to Eat!

All of our CSA produce is washed to grocery store standards, and we never use any sprays, even organically approved ones. This means your produce is ready to take home, toss in the fridge, and eat whenever! 

Highest Quality Produce

No-till means we leave our soil in place and allow the community of life within it to thrive. Because of this, we believe our produce to be more nutrient dense, colorful, and delicious. We've also noticed that it lasts much longer in the fridge!

Your Family Farm

This land is for you and your community. Astarte is open for members to enjoy pick-your-own with friends & family from 8am-6pm, 7days/week. We also offer community events such as volunteer days,  potlucks, workshops, all open and free to CSA members. Check out our calendar!

Flexible Pickups

Our "box style" CSA offers shareholders maximum flexibility. Your box is freshest on pack day but you are welcome to pick up your box and/or do pick-your-own anytime between 8am-6pm, 7days/week!

Convenient Location

The farm is located directly on the Hadley Common, right off of route 9, making it easy to swing by when most convenient for you!


Learn more about using SNAP to fund your CSA share

Already a member and looking to make a payment?

How our CSA works
  • What's in a Box?- 6-10 items depending on the season, a delicious array of what we have available. From our famous head lettuce to juicy heirloom tomatoes and squash, you can be sure to experience the best of what the valley has to offer through your Astarte share. See below for monthly box samples!

  • What is the cost? $760 for a full 26 week season: 1 box per week from the first week of May until the end of October which breaks down to less than $30 of local and organic produce every week, plus pick-your-own!

  • What is Pick Your Own? In addition to your weekly box, you will have access to various pick-your-own crops throughout the season: herbs, flowers, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, tomatillos, husk cherries, greens (including our famous overwintered spinach!), peas, beans, etc.

  • How can I pay? We have a few options.

    • CSA shares can either be paid in full when members sign-up, or in two separate installments at the time of sign-up and by June 1st.

    • We happily accept SNAP payments - click here for more information.

    • CISA and UMass Five Credit Union have created a zero interest farm share loan that folks can use to pay for their share and pay back over the course of 6 months. Watch the promotional video we made together down below!

  • How do I pickup my share? When signing up you will be prompted to choose either Tuesday or Friday packs, meaning each week you will have a box packed at 1pm on your chosen day. However, you can come pick up your box and do pick-your-own anytime during farm hours, 8am-6pm.

 For more details about our CSA program, download our 

 If you have any questions for about joining our CSA, or if you'd like to speak to an existing member about their experience at Astarte, please don't hesitate to reach out to 

CSA Box Samples

These items aren't guaranteed but here is a general idea of what you'll receive in your weekly box, plus pick your own!


"The No-Till better than organic, climate-conscious mission feels like a must in a world that’s burning. I believe in the mission of the farm and can see the difference the methods achieve. I want to support that!"

"We love Astarte produce so much! And it's an incredible deal vs. shopping at the farmer's market or grocery store every week."

"Being a member of the Astarte CSA has numerous benefits - the food is better than organic, the farm feels so good to be at, the atmosphere is personal and welcoming and the people who run the farm are just so nice to interact with."

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