Astarte Harvest Shares
A CSA that goes beyond organic

Astarte Farm has been supplying the local community with high quality produce for over 20 years.  Join our CSA so we can start bringing our delicious fruits and vegetables directly to you.


What does it mean to go Beyond Organic?

In addition to being certified organic, we:

  • Never use pesticides or herbicides (even when approved for organic use)

  • Never use chemical fertilizers 

  • Are 100 percent no-till, making soil health our top priority (click to learn more)

Why Astarte?

Convenience, Sustainability, Community.

  • Astarte Farm is conveniently located just off Route 9 in Hadley.

  • Our commitment to no-till and to never using sprays or insecticides means healthier produce and a healthier environment.

  • Astarte has a long-term commitment to donating produce to local organizations that address food insecurity. In 2022, we will be donating 5 percent of CSA revenue to the Amherst Survival Center. 

5 percent of ALL 2022 CSA revenue will be donated to the Amherst Survival Center. 

What is an Astarte Harvest Share?

Purchasing an Astarte Harvest Share means that once a week you will receive a box of seasonal veggies directly from our farm. Your box will include a selection of  lettuce, greens, fruits, tomatoes, and other treasures of the season.  Shares also include access to pick-your-own raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and other veggies when available.

You will receive high quality fruits and vegetables at a price below the local retail market value of our produce. 

Pick-up times and cost

  • Cost-$618 (or 600 when paid via check or cash) for a full 26 week season: 1 box per week from May 3rd to October 29th

  • Payment-Astarte Harvest Shares are paid either in full when members sign-up, or in two separate installments at the time of sign-up and by June 1st. We also happily accept SNAP benefits for payment. 

  • Pickup-We offer contactless pickups on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, from 1-6pm, and Saturday mornings from 8am-noon.  Our pick-your-own hours are everyday from 8am till 6pm so you can enjoy the beauty of Astarte when it's most convenient for you. 


Harvest Share members will have access to on-farm educational tours and other events throughout the season. Come see our no-till practices in action, meet your farmers, and connect with others over a love for food and commitment to environmental stewardship!

What's In a Box?

Just what you need, not too much.  The highest-quality vegetables grown in the healthiest soil you can find: 


  • 2 heads of heirloom lettuce

  • 1 lb of greens: bagged spinach or arugula, a bunch of swiss-chard or kale, etc.

  • Something from the onion family: shallots, scallions, chives, garlic scapes, onions

  • 1-2 “treats of the season”: 

    • Spring: asparagus, green garlic, radishes, beets

    • Summer: heirloom tomatoes, basil, eggplant, beets

    • Fall: squash, peppers, garlic, daikon radish​

  • In addition, included in your purchase is access to our seasonal pick-your-own offerings.  Our pick-your-own crops include raspberries, blueberries, peas, beans, herbs, and flowers.

All of our produce is Certified-Organic and grown using the highest standards of sustainable no-till, no-spray farming. Read more about our no-till farming practices here



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