Our TeaM

Each year a combination of old and new faces can be found on the farm, making all that we do possible.

Who's Here Now! 


Co-Farm/Field Manager


Ellen Drews

Ellen Drews joins us as Field Manager/Co-Farm Manager after three years of production farming at Brookfield Farm in Amherst.  Hailing from the upper Midwest, she has been growing food and teaching children and adults about nature for seven years.  She is passionate about no-till farming and the hope it brings for more resilient food systems in the face of climate change.


Farm Owner

Jim Mead

Having always had a dream of one day owning his own berry farm, Jim decided to buy Astarte in 2014. His background in electrical engineering and atmospheric science, while different from that of the typical farmer, has propelled sustainability research and experimentation here on the farm. 


Crew Member

Sadie Higgins

Sadie is from Cape Cod but moved to Western Massachusetts to study sustainable agriculture. Although she misses the ocean, she is so happy to be in the soil and loving plants all day. She is passionate about farming using sustainable practices, and making sure that delicious food comes from a happy earth!


Co-Farm/Business Manager


Amelia Mead

Having spent the last several years traveling around the world and working on various organic farms, and owning her own pop-up restaurant on the coast of Ecuador, Amelia has returned to the Pioneer Valley to...yup, you guessed it...help run her father's farm! 


Farm Grey Beard 

Dan Pratt 

Founder of Astarte, and longtime organic vegetable grower, Dan is behind it all here on the farm! 


Crew Member

Theo Eagle

Theo is originally from Brooklyn, New York and is currently studying Sustainable Food and Farming at UMass-Amherst. Living in the Pioneer Valley has been quite the adjustment from a bustling city life, but Theo is happier than ever working with the rest of the wonderful crew to grow beautiful produce. He is also living out his boyhood dream of finally operating a tractor. 

...and we can't forget...